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Film Review: Underworld Blood Wars


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I enjoyed it in a "more of the same" way and as always,it is a great demo material.It is also a Shakespearean play,compared to utter crap like the latest XXX and the Great Wall.

BTW,Kathrin divorced Wiseman last year.


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I watched on 3D last night and pretty much enjoyed it. I accept the reviewer stance of more of the same, but the rest of this review I disagree with, especially as it seems to take the point-of-view of a casual viewer only. Who in their right mind, as a casual viewer chooses to watch the 5th movie in a franchise? Clearly this is being made for the fans of the franchise, and I prefer to judge it as such. I accept the counter-argument of franchises needing 'new blood' but here it's a case of meeting the expectations set by previous instalments, and I think it does so.

Firstly, these films manage an awful lot with the budget ($35m) in this case, and for the majority this looked fantastic to me. It's very dark (who would have guessed) but whilst the 3D here did little in terms of 'effects' I think it gave the extra detail and depth needed in the dark scenes throughout.

Secondly, Kate Beckinsdale. Remains IMO the hottest on-screen female action start in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre playing this role, and at 44 as good as ever.

Thirdly, I think the other acting ensemble 'sells it', it's not a case of the name actors picking up a quick paycheck, I think they have fun with it, and I'm glad because it gives credibility to what Underworld has achieved and continues to do so, in building a world, and backstory around Vampire and Werewolf legends, as it would exist in Modern Day, with clans and houses adhering to tradition, but the use of technology used to update their operations.

Finally, I thought the plot/story overall were pretty good, and takes the whole thing further forward, without quite running out of credible and worthwhile ideas.

Bad points :-

1. Clearly the CGI on werewolfs is a bit weak, but I forgive this knowing the budget, and have seen much worse on bigger budget films.
2. The middle and end army fight scenes were rushed, and again clearly budget-constrained.
3. The first 2/3rds of the film felt full, the final third seemed a bit rushed, I suspect a lot was lost in the editing room, which got the final cut down to just over 90 minutes.

But please bring on the 6th and I guess final instalment, that finishes the storyline of the child. I hope the unnecessary critical mauling, and limited release hasn't hurt the chances, albeit according to Wikipedia even the worldwide theatrical run made over $81million, nearly 3 times it's budget, so maybe we'll be OK.

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