Film Review: Logan Lucky


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Wanted to like this, but im afraid it didn't do it for me. Too tongue-in-cheek to be invested in, yet not particularly funny as a comedy. I found it mildly amusing throughout but thats about it. I thought the redneck caracatures were all too over the top; Daniel Craig's accent was bloody awful (although Katherine Waterston's was impeccable). The 'how-did-they-do-it' reveal was fun (but nowhere near as cool as Oceans Eleven), and I enjoyed the pop culture references- especially Game of Thrones!.

In truth I was bored for much of this. Some idiot brought a six-year old with them and he kept playing in the aisles. Poor little bugger must have been bored witless. 6/10 tops.

Best thing about it was the soundtrack, really liked it and will be finding it on spotify.


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I wasn't expecting much from this movie (the first part of an evening double feature with American Made) as I've never been much of a fan of Soderbergh's oeuvre but I left the screening pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this comedy caper; much more so than his Ocean's films which never hit the mark for me.

The rednecks and southern belles reminded me of the characters in Justified and perhaps Walton Goggins would've suited the role of Joe Bang better than 007 (concur with Lucasisking about Daniel Craig's accent being a bit jarring) but guess Soderbergh needed at least one A-lister to put on the poster.

Can't decide whether to give this a 7 or 8, so will sit on the fence with 7.5/10


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Decent film but lacked suspense and there was to much suspense of belief imo. There was no element of surprise or threat during the heist. A well made film but lacked the excitement of Ocean Elevens, it's a typical Steven Soderbergh, glass half empty all the time. Performances were good but not sure what to make of Daniel Craig...


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Agree with much of the above. Wouldn't rush and see it, maybe when on Sky Movies if nothing else is on. It's half decent but not much going on for me. 5/10.


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It was such a nice change to watch a film that wasnt part of a franchise! I really enjoyed this. Very simple, funny in parts, and a nice easy watch. I'd concur with the 8/10 given here.


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Just come in from seeing it, distinct lack of sub 15 certificate movies to take my son (who is 13) to see at the moment.

I enjoyed it, a Redneck Ocean's Eleven.

I agree with the_dude2 comment. A nice easy watch, ideal Saturday night fodder :)


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So what was going on at the end?
Is Hilary Swanks character basically saying she is going to carry on the investigation by sticking around?

Or did I miss something?
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I watched this over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I hadn't read up on it at all, so didn't really know what to expect.


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It's either an "in" to another film or just an open ending that you can interpret how you like!

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