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Film Review - Baby Driver (2017)


Well-known Member
great review makes want to go and see it right now,sounds like a lot of fun.

Fake Shempz

Active Member
Nice review Kumari. This has been on my list to see at the cinema for a while and I'll be checking it out this weekend. Can't wait.


Distinguished Member
It's a rare thing for me to go to the cinema. This is one such rare occasion. Sounds amazing.....pun intended.


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Enjoyed it, made a refreshing change from the usual CGI fests. Seemed to get bogged down in the final third but a really good night out. 8.5/10


Distinguished Member
Saw it yesterday and was disappointed. For me it was just an average film with a gimmicky music angle. Car chases were done well but not enough of them for me. 5/10


Distinguished Member
Saw it yesterday. Was much better than I expected... kinda like a Reservoir Dogs but with more humour.
...and a bit of True Romance and Pulp Fiction :)


Distinguished Member
Thanks for the excellent review.

Cars music and Edgar Wright? I'm in.

Jessica Noir

Well-known Member
Great review, Kumari you nailed it. Loved the film, not perfect but it was made with such precision that you were just carried along. Every gunshot, every car door slamming shut, even the footsteps in the chase scene, all felt perfectly timed and matched to the constant song choices.

How great was it to see Paul Williams on the big screen again? I know Edgar Wright is a massive Phantom of the Paradise fan, so it was great having him cast Swan himself.


Distinguished Member
One thing I found refreshing about the car chases was that (for the most part) when a car crashed it stayed crashed.



Phil Hinton

Staff member
Just seen it and really enjoyed the soundtrack and superb stunt work. Plot was decent with good performances and Edgar Wright is certainly back on form. 9/10 from me.

Solomon Grundy

Distinguished Member
Watched this tonight. Was really entertaining, choreographed to within an inch of its life...borderline micro-managed. Not saying thats a bad thing, but it was obvious and took me out of the story at times. Example being the introductory car chase which did not feel at all fluid, rather a series of short examples of skilled (and extremely entertaining) driving stitched together.

Personally, while the music fitted perfectly with the film it was not to my taste, so I wasn't as invested as I could have been...so it loses a point...but it had Jon Hamm in it so it wins the point back. He's just a great actor and the best thing here by a mile.

Good film, go see it!



Distinguished Member
Did Edgar Wright go off form?, his last film The World's End was great fun

I quite liked it, but I think it was not as well received as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz? A tad over indulgent, maybe? I felt that Simon Pegg was toppling the annoy-o-meter a bit. And then there was the fall out over the Ant-Man movie that he left.

Phil Hinton

Staff member
Did Edgar Wright go off form?, his last film The World's End was great fun
World's End was poor in my opinion and I couldn't engage with Simon Pegg's character in that at all. Plus there were the issues with the troubled Ant-man film and he has been away for a while because of that. So yes, in my opinion, he is back and on form with Baby Driver.


Well-known Member
Saw this at the weekend, wasn't expecting much but thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the characters, loved the music, loved the cinematography...even the car chases looked and felt like they were going over 30mph (unlike most Hollywood films)

well worth a viewing.


Standard Member
Saw this on Saturday. Was very disappointed.
I didn't engage with any of the characters, and Kevin Spacey's characters attitude to Baby doesn't make sense (suddenly changing towards the end, without explanation).
The plot was boring, and the car sequences were just meh.
I almost left before the film finished, but stayed hoping it would get better.

Doctor Smirnoff

Well-known Member
I saw this last week and thought it was just ok. Can't help think it's being over-hyped because people just seem to like Edgar Wright.

It's essentially three films butting up against each other over the run time: whimsical music video (that first coffee scene: painful) to awkward hipster romance to generic thriller.

Jamie Fox was literally playing "M*ther F*cker Jones" again and Spacey was phoning it in as the "bad guy in suit". I did really like John Hamm in this, though not where his character ended up, and Ansel Elgort is clearly very talented. I could have watched far more conversations between the two of them, their "Brighton Rock" conversation was a real highlight, albeit brief.

The music, for me, was just intrusive, especially during the climax, and it added nothing aside from a beat for guns to shoot to. The actual songs selected or his tinnitus don't affect the story at all, aside from being a talking point in a couple of scenes.

As for the ending/s ... :confused:

I looked at the chap sat next to me as the credits rolled and he shrugged. Folks leaving were clearly of the "it was alright" opinion.

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