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film makers and their wilely ways

Discussion in 'Music & Music Streaming Services' started by reevesy, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. reevesy


    Feb 20, 2005
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    just recently i've been holding out and buying cds with the bonus dvd of whatever included as it seems a no brainer for the extra quid or 2 they cost.
    thing is why do these film makers/directors insist on the doc stlye dodgey picture approach whilst having the camera move all over the place mtv stlylee :mad:
    i was watching stereophonics's language,sex,violence.other last night on the telly,i can only imagine at the mo how sh'te it gonna look on me pj.
    anyway its about time these people realised that its not 'gritty',it's not 'capturing the spriit of the band' or preformance or whatever it just looks crap.
    i know i dont have to buy or watch it but i'm sure most people would rather have better quality picture and sound.prehaps a 'filmed in a gritty stlye' stuck on the case somewhere might help avoid it in the future.
    oh and while i'm on the rant i'd buy a lot more live music dvds if the camera man did'nt spend half the gig zooming round the crowd especially homing in on some half fit bird on some ****s shoulders whos spoiling the view for everyone behind them.

    and relax....ahh feel a lot better now :)

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