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Filesonic working on BE now


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It's useful, i have also noticed they maybe throttling hotfile speeds too, though this could be hotfile themselves.
These IWF filters are definatly a pain.

Jammie dodger

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well if talktalk dont do iwf and o2 start getting strict i will change
but im guessing all isp going to start doing it

It would appear that TalkTalk do also do it - I am a TalkTalk or UK internet user and I can not access my site - 9757

Some users of SKY, BT and TalkTalk internet services have reported an inability to access their site. The common thread of this issue seems to be IWF, an internet watch group that feeds into several filters. This filters seem to be used by the formentioned providers as well as others :


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I see most of you use Speedtest for presumably accurate BB speeds.

I simply get innacurate fluctuating results which indicate rediculously high download speeds (Be tell me my Cu line is a max of about 8 Meg).

Only the thinkbroadband website gives me consistant results within the range of 6.5 to 7.5 download.

Why is this, am I doing something wrong?


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Well I've got an answer to my problem from the Be forum.

Seems that I need to turn off the firewall to get rid of the innacurate readings I complain of.
Tried it and confirm it solves the problem, my readings using Speedtest with firewall 'off' are virtually identical to thinkbroadband with firewall 'on'.


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Been having a nightmare with Be recently with variable access to my dyn-dns address etc, turns out their DNS servers are pants, change to openDNS and most of these types of problems with accessing different sites will go away. Be seem to have gone from providing an excellent service to a pretty poor one in a remarkably short space of time.


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Get on Fileserve, easily overcoming rapidshare as the most popular file-s site in the last 6 months.

It is becoming the most popular as it's speeds are good and sellers get rewards for lots of downloads.


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Anyway else having problems with Filesonic ?. I get the message that I can't have more than 1 download going but I haven't got any :S


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Anyway else having problems with Filesonic ?. I get the message that I can't have more than 1 download going but I haven't got any :S
this happens on the free accounts, try closing your browser and reopening it or clear your cache

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