File type limitations when using "Play to TV" function from PC to Panasonic Vieras


I went from exhilaration to depression in under one minute when I right-clicked on one of my video files in my PC (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits, EN-GB) and I had an option called "Play to" with one sub-option called "VIERA VT60 Series", and the video started to play on my 50VT65; then I noticed that I couldn't do this with MKV file extensions, and this left me unbelievably angry and depressed.

This is a great feature, to stream your videos straight to your TV via Wi-Fi. I noticed it works with AVI, MTS and M4V videos so far.
MP4? Forget it. WMV? Forget it. 3GP? Forget it.

I also tried some M2TS files, from Blu-Rays, but when I try to play them to the TV it says on the PC after about half a minute later:
"Error occurred on your device
An unexpected error occurred in your device. Restart the device, and then try again.

If you can't resolve the issue, a device update might be required. Please contact the device manufacturer for the latest updates.

What annoys me even further is that if I have any other movies in my Play To list I don't even get the chance to read the error message properly, it just automatically moves on to the next movie in the queue while removing/hiding/deleting the error message associated with the previous movie. Helpful! (not)

I then searched on the Windows registry if the accepted file extensions were set there or if they're hardcoded somewhere else, but I found nothing under "Viera" or "Panasonic".

I'm very bittersweet about my findings. I have to expect to be able to stream the videos that come from friends and family's mobile phones. From other people's cameras (like what others recorded at my wedding!). From what the Internet throws at me (including matroska). These files are all established standards.

I can't wait for Panasonic to enable this feature for all video files, like MKV, MP4, WMV, 3GP, M2TS, etc. (by all means chip in people) and not just AVI, MTS and M4V. I feel like this feature is still in a beta stage, and I can't plead with Panasonic enough to read this and implement it in a firmware update urgently. :lease:


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Can't you just use the media player app to stream those sorts of files? Or use a dlna server e.g. mezzmo , not sure why its such a big deal especially if you haven't got the PC in the same room. It does seem daft if it won't play some file types that its happy to stream via dlna or via a USB HDD though...


I have the PC in the same room. But why should I have to spend money on a 10 metre HDMI cable and a second graphics card (for the second HDMI port) when the work is already half baked? It just needs more work and polish.
I'm asking for the files already supported by the media player when connected by USB to also be supported by network.

So, what exactly do you mean by using the media player App? What app?


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Can't say I've used it myself to be honest cos I stream everything from my Mede8er but I thought there was an media player app that you use to play stuff on USB sticks or via DLNA? Dunno I might be talking rubbish, will check later


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I'm pretty sure that since Play To in Windows is part of the Windows Media Player app then the file types are restricted to what it supports, so nothing to do with Panasonic.


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Welcome the world of playing movies/video clips - it's fraught with issues. Multiple formats, containers, with multiple files inside. Multiple Audio files, Core DTS and HD MA, etc....absolute nightmare.

You are looking at a Windows Media Player feature. As others have suggested, you should look at other media servers to play the files natively playable by the Viera Client. There are lots of options, Twonky, UMS, Serviio to add to the list.

I am starting to look at the various files I have, and checking what is possible with the VT. but the biggest issue I came across, was if using the VT as a client, then you are limited to Non HD audio. This is due to getting it into my AVR via optical or down mixed over ARC HDMI would seem impossible, even if the VT could do it.

I have an Oppo 93, which does what I need, so I won't waste time with a compromised solution involving the VT. But I am ok with this, I expect my Tv to be a great picture, Anything else is a bonus.


Thank you very much wl1, someone told me in another forum to check out Serviio and it worked great. I already watched Monsters Inc. in 3D and Gattaca in 1080p through it. Very happy! And free! :D


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It's been painful trying different options in the past, but Oppo heaven came to my rescue, paired with Mezzmo. HD video and Audio. So I won't be using the VT to do this stuff, but happy you found a way round it.


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Sorry to bump an oldish thread but need a TV that does play MP4 and WMV files stream via WiFi from the PC.

Looking at the Panasoinic site the spec states

Support Format TX-P42GT60B
AVCHD 3D / Progressive,SD-VIDEO / AVI / MKV / WMV / MP4 / M4v / FLV / 3GPP / VRO / VOB / TS / PS, MP3 / AAC / WMA Pro / FLAC / Apple Lossless / WAV, JPEG / MPO

Support Format TX-P42ST60B
AVCHD 3D / Progressive,SD-VIDEO / AVI / MKV / WMV / MP4 / M4v / FLV / 3GPP / VRO / VOB / TS / PS, MP3 / AAC / WMA Pro / FLAC / WAV, JPEG / MPO

So seems that from the Panasonic site it should play them. So question is will either of them support those file types or not?


Sorry I missed your question. The TV does read those files, but for some reason your PC is prevented from streaming them to the TV. However, if you install in your PC an app like Serviio and set the folders containing your media, you can then go to the Viera's "Media Centre" app that Serviio lists all the movies available in those folders you set.

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