Fight: Samsung LE32R86WDX (White) Vs Toshiba 32C3030DB


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So, i thought i had it all worked out. I was looking for a telly for the bedroom to sit at the bottom of the bed. (it will have Sky+ SD feed only). Decided to focus in on the Tosh 32c3030db... got a lovely PM from JL for £465 + the 5 year warranty.

Then i took the wife to currys - just to show her the set and get the final seal of approval :suicide:

My good lady then clapped eyes on the Samsung in its glossy white glory!

"If its going into the bedroom, i think it would be better if it was a white telly." she said....

So, im in a bit of a dilemma and any advice would be helpful. I must admit, i dont mind the white finish and the picture (although not together) looked comparable, if not better. Ive done a bit of hunting and can find the Samsung for £479... and if i got empire direct to PM... i could get a 3 year warranty. So question time:

If it was your money... what one would you buy and why?
Do Empire Direct do Price Matching... what are the terms...?
Should i consider any bedroom friendly 32 inchers for £450/500? (keep it clean)
Should I trade in the Wife (36) for two 18 year olds? ;)

Many Thanks!

Andy aka ace_brodie :cool:


You can't go wrong with either really, they are both highly regarded by the majority of owners and from what I've seen have comparable picture quality. I've got the Tosh (in a 37"), but it took me ages to decide between these two models. In the end it was probably the fact that I didn't like feel of the Samsung that swayed me, nothing technical.

Wife or two 18 year olds? If you decide on the former send me the two 18 year olds for a road test please. :D

...and burning in


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ace, have the same problem at the moment, need a white tv for bedroom. i'm gonna go for the samsung as well. i found it on dixons for £482.62 (using couplon 'disc01'), but delivery is 7 days. amazon is 30 quid more, but will prob go for it so i get it before the weekend to do necessary diy.
any chance of letting me know where you found it for 475?
many thanks.


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thanks for the link. Ordered it yesterday (thursday) afternoon, with express delivery, only an extra £7. Voila arrived promptly this (friday) morning.
Cosmetically fits in well in the bedrrom with all the misses' white laura ashley furntiure. she's happy and thats quite rare when it comes to anything electrical.
Picture quality pretty good, although I only have SD SKY upstairs. Will try it downstairs to check out how SKY HD/Blu ray looks. SKY charge an extra £10 a month for two HD subscriptions, unbelieveable.... (I guess thats another link).

Get one, the misses will love it. I dealt with Paul Riley down there, and although I didn't ring until 3.30pm, he still sorted it for the next day for me. Good service and good price...


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Nice one! Glad you are pleased... let me know if it continues.

I think i will take the plunge shortly on this.

AC :cool:

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