Fight Club DTS - Re-released in Korea soon !!

Originally posted by Drunken Master
I sold my copy

And I'm still very grateful ;)

Apprantly this one is still going to be quite limited though - get it while you can
why better than the r1?
thinking of se7en sorry doh
Ok Korean dvd's has changed i used to buy from there using my american express now it won't accept that, does anyone have any other sites where i can buy the DTS edition of Fight Club ?
Why are DTS tracks more common on Far Eastern Releases!??
Foxy Mulder - Why not PM Craig from Movietyme see if he can get you a copy.

POE - Not sure, Fight Club AFAIK is the only country to get a DTS track, a real shame as it's a stonker.
And am i reading that right...$14.00!?? for the DTS version of Fight Club???

Is it worth buying???

I love fight club, one of my favourite movies, but i'm more than happy with the DD track on the region 1 - there are also other commentaries on the R1 that arn't on this R3 DTS version, I am tempted though as i'm a big fan of the film.
Does anyone have a URL that lists the bitrate of the DTS soundtracks on R3 DVDs?
Any idea if it's a full bitrate DTS track on Fight Club?
Originally posted by PrinceOfEgypt
Why are DTS tracks more common on Far Eastern Releases!??

Because they know DTSFanboys will buy them!
The same reason Far East Bootlegs always have a DTS track on them (Usually a poor version using the DD 5.1 as a source)!

They've learnt "Stick DTS on a disc and the gullible will buy"!
Heehe, Fight Club did ma head in - although i like David Lynch films ... Mmmm :p
Hey Drunken Master will i get stung by customs if i order from:

what is there delivery time like?
and are those prices in US dollars???

I didn't before - Can't make any promises.

Used EMS really quick, less than a week.

Yes Dollars, good exchange rate at the moment!
What do you think of the Korean version of Dances with wolves?

worth buying???
I love the film!!!

Just wondered if i should source the Japanese version or go for the Korean version!??
Now says out of print :suicide:

Shame I saw it late, in my top 3 films of all time this.

Needless to say, if anyone can get hold of one for me, or wants to sell on , I`m here waiting :)

Never know.

If you do find it DM, would you mind letting me know m8?

Must get this.


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