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Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by monkeyleader, Oct 27, 2004.

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    So although I'm a big Pro Evo fan and will be getting Pro Evo 4 on the xbox when its out I thought I'd give FIFA2005 a go .... the graphics are very nice, the official stadiums are a nice touch .. and even the first touch option is a nice addition .. but as I said the gameplay still aint as smooth as Pro Evo .. however .. the online side of things is fantastic and Pro Evo needs to make sure it lives up to that .. its just how XBL should be nice and easy, lots of options of gameplay - quick match, optimatch, online lobbys and tournamnets .. all of which I gave a quick going over ... really simply stuff .. was up and runinng (and getting my ass kicked) in a matter of minutes ... Still going to take it back for PES4 but for now Im very impressed !


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