FIFA 21 career progress gone!!!


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Hi all

I've been playing FIFA 21 on career mode on Xbox one for a couple of weeks without any problems. My son has too. There appear to be 2 memory slots on our Xbox so we take up one each. However, I've just gone on and mind has gone and his is there? When I go to load career, it usually shows his last saved, my last saved plus 3 auto saved progress things for whoever was last playing. But now, the only one there is his. Does anyone know if this is resolvable?




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Try going in to the Xbox settings, System, Storage, clear all games.
This will restart the Xbox and clear out all the cached files.
When you restart FIFA it'll resync with the saved data online.
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Yikes!! This sounds scary in case I delete my son's progress as well. So all of the saved progress is online and not on the HD itself?


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OK good news and bad. I did what you said and it didn't delete my son's career. However, mine is still not there. Any ideas? I'm at a loss.

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