FIFA 2012 XBOX 360 Help!


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Dear All

I probably sound like a right numpty asking this silly question - but i would be ever so grateful if somebody could answer it.........

When playing a game of football, a friendly, how do i switch focus of player to nearest player to ball?

Previous versions of FIFA used to automatically have player bearest to ball as the one I could control.

But now, the player which i seem to take control of isn't the player remotely closest to it, and i've no idea how to switch to relevant player. It used to be easy in earlier versions of FIFA (2010 and i think 2011) - i think i just tapped the yellow button.

But this doesn't seem to work now. And no - there's nothing wrong with my controller - perhaps just with my brain. :blush:

I'd be grateful if somebody could answer.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi there

The answer to your question is the LB button, that's the one I use to swap to the nearest player

Hope this helps :)


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Alternatively you can push the right stick in the direction of the player you want to switch to, but most of the time lb is better to use.

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