Fifa 12 new stadiums


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows: got fifa 12 for my son who has been desperate to play in the new Juventus Arena. It's advertised in all the fifa 12 promos and we've seen screenshots but it doesnt appear to be available in the game. Does anyone know if it's in some hidden menu or needs to be unlocked or something? Or is the game different from the ps3/xbox versions and so no new updates?
Dont like this version of fifa tbh, too cartoony and they've taken the fun out of the wiimote wiggle to shoot.

Any ideas?:lease:


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Actually, changing my mind about this game. It's not supposed to be like the old ones where you played traditional teams against each other, but more about building, like a storyline. I've been developing a player from street football through to club, now serie a. It's quite addictive really. Playing it more than my son now!
Anyone else play this game?
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