Fifa 10 crashes when playing multiplayer 2 controllers


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.. gets to the kick of screen and then get a screen freeze and have to restart. Only happen when using 2 controllers.

Anyone else have this or a fix? :(


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mine crashes too. when i start to host or join a multiplayer or online game it just crashes. ive had two discs now and it keeps happening. i wonder if its my console??


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this happened to me as well and found a way around it so thought i would let people know here. just assign the second controller to player 3 and everything should work fine. (press home - then controller settings)


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this happened to me as well and found a way around it so thought i would let people know here. just assign the second controller to player 3 and everything should work fine. (press home - then controller settings)

Cheers. I had already deleted all my Fifa 10 profiles and this worked but yours seems easier. :thumbsup:


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i cant seem to find controller settings anywhere. wen i press the middle button i jst get the options of xbox dashboard, quick launch, friends, party, messages, chat & IM and play.

can any1 tell me where the controller settings are or how to get to them.

also why are we even having this problem, i was playin 2player vs without any problems the 1st week so why is it jst happening now?


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This keeps happening to me aswell
Also happens when trying to play 4 player
is there a patch or something for this?
or any solution to avoid this happening



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this happened to me on 09

sorted it by delteing the fifa profile, unistalling the game and starting from scratch

a bummer if you have a good manager mode etc


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Hi I just discovered this problem and then found this thread.

It only started crashing (just as we kicked off) after my controllers left bumper broke and we assigned change player to r-b instead (to be precise, we used the "temporary settings" slot when saving).

So I thought about this and after seeing the posts about deleting profiles here, I went into the Fifa 10 profile manager and deleted just my settings file (which would delete the changed controller settings and set everything to default) and then reloaded the game and ever since it has worked fine, no need to delete my profile or saves or anything, just all the "Personal Settings" files from the Fifa 10 profile manager (or you could delete them from the dashboard).

In reply to above, I don't know about the controller work around, is that possible on a 360?

edit- Hopefully EA will acknowledge this and fix this Fifa 10 bug


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Is definately a bug, as is also happening to me aswell. Glad its not just me this is happening to :) (Meant in the nicest possible way)

My work around is i changed the HDD in my elite xbox with the HDD from my 1st 360 and that works, for when i want to play multiplayer. So i assume in theory the above fix by Dunhamzzz will also work.

Still, if this was also a fault in Fifa 09, surely it should have been fixed in Fifa 10.


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I assigned the 2 players to controllers 1 and 3, which worked for a while then it crashed again, now i cant play multiplayer at all, this is a joke!


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DUNHAMMZZZ.......THANKS .. My FIFA 10 on the PS3 now works in 2 player mode. Thanks for the Thread it did exactly what it said on the tin! Thanks!


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Yes. Mine has just started freezing. Had a think about it and tried it. It works! Do the following:

From the XBOX Dashboard, go to Console Settings.

Next, go to Memory.

Then go to Games.

Now FIFA 10.

Delete the memory that contains your Virtual Pro.

Think it's Personal Settings 1.


This will NOT delete your Manager Mode.

Now go back onto your FIFA 10 and set up your profile.
Choose what level you think you are at.

Create a new Virtual Pro. This will automatically update your Manager Mode with your newly created Virtual Pro.

Finally, just to double check that this works, go and play an exhibition match with a friend! It shouldn't freeze. (Well it din't for me anyway)! Might not work forever but it works at the moment!
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