FIFA 09 "show off" Thread


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nice, looks like they had Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles trying to pull the offside trap !

I haven't worked out how to save replays yet but I did beat Watford 5-0 with Palace.


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Just what i posted in the other thread so far. Average fair so far but they do show off some cool parts of the game. Nothing quite as fancy as the two goals here already.

Giddy when this happened.

Shows off the ball and collision physics, clips the guys ankle ***. :cool:

Gutted. :( The Dove fella is my created BAP btw.

Andy Johnson so irritated with me in this one.

EA servers been weird with me today as you can see. :D
Hopefully the EA servers will stay strong and this'll be the end of my youtube + N95 shots.

And friend request accepted freshvein.


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Nice footage, could you tell me how you posted those mate?:confused: I know how to do it with a link but what youve done is different.


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I have posted a couple of clips but they are not appearing under my profile, added the My Videos widget and its totally blank?




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This annoys the living :censored: out of me, I can't get my gamertag linked in any way shape or form on that site.

And somewhat typically last night I scored my best ever goal on World Class, near-post cross from Carlton Cole into Ashton at the near post who flicked it through his legs into the far corner (think Zola vs Norwich if you can remember)... but no way of letting everyone see it. :mad:

Rant over!


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I've only just started scoring (only played a couple of games...still getting used to the transition from PES)....I was pleased with this effort from Essien that got me a 2-1 win against the mighty Wycombe Wanderers in the FA Cup. :rolleyes: I was a man down, honest! :blush:

EA SPORTS™ Football World - CHELSEA - WYCOMBE 2 - 1


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This annoys the living :censored: out of me, I can't get my gamertag linked in any way shape or form on that site.

Rant over!
Sounds like they're having all the same fun that the skate.reel website had.

I could never link my Tag there either. Must be an EA thing.


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Do you need to be a member to view the EA videos as mine dont appear to be working, although that could be due to my works firewall.

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