Field of Dreams 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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Brilliant; thanks for the review!

I've been waiting for this to appear as a UK release so definitely going on the future purchase list. :D

If you (4K) BD it, I will come... (to Amazon probably, once it gets a vanilla/non-steelbook version).


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Thanks Cas

Review it and I will read...

Love this film and pleased to see it finally get a UK release - I have the US version, though, so for once a good review won't cost me a penny.


Wow, that cover picture is so camp - or perhaps just he needs visit the (cottage) loo.
Another American heartfelt sport film that got lost on me and had me consider where I'd left my sugar test stick pin.
My rather older cynical side, has me much preferring the world weary Yellowstone variant of Costner's coaching talents with his young-uns


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could have easily been an impossibly sappy, misguided, and ill-advised blend of genres.
Sadly I think that's such a perceived thought about this film, it's so often overlooked. Add the terrible cover art that I don't think has ever changed and it's so often snorted at.

But give it a chance and incredibly, it works. OK so it might work even better for a baseball fan.

Didn't know this was in UHD anywhere, but just looking now and I'll get this on iTunes. It's a good film, but not £25 good compared to a decent stream at £7

Fake Shempz

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I'd love The Natural on 4K, as its my favourite baseball themed movie (although Major League is a guilty pleasure!). Bull Durham is a close 2nd.


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I'd love The Natural on 4K, as its my favourite baseball themed movie (although Major League is a guilty pleasure!). Bull Durham is a close 2nd.
The Natural was a U.S. 4K release back in 2019.



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this was a day one order, loved it in the 80's, still love it now.
watched it on the weekend, very nice disc
film stands up
alas a speck of dust or two got in my eye at the end there, but some great humour in it too

Casimir Harlow

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as for the extras getting such a high score - what extras?

Apologies, holdover from my prep for the review. You're quite right, I had a modicum of shock when the discs actually landed.


I love everything about this movie....accept America cover art for literally everything from games to movies is typically some of the worst things to ever grace this planet.

Japan had a far better idea where to go with this(which they always do). If they cropped out the family here this would have been perfect with just the Ghost.


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