Fidelity Designs Rega Upgrades


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Has anybody personal experience of the upgrades this company do in respect of sub platter and platter
for Rega turntables. Same goes for Iceni Audio products also.
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I have a Fidelity Designs Reference sub-platter on my Planar 3 and I think it's excellent. It's very nicely made, and it made a significant improvement to the sound - I think that molded plastic sub-platter is probably the weakest part of Rega turntables.

The only thing I didn't really like is having the platter sitting directly on the metal surface of the sub-platter - not for any rational reason I can think of, mind. But I did have a couple of little damping rings from SRM/Tech, so I use one of those as well (with an SRM/Tech acrylic platter).

Bottom line for me is that I suspect there's very little difference between different makes of alloy sub-platter, but the price of the Fidelity Designs ones make them good value.


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Kind of. I got as far as ordering then got annoyed when it turned out there was postage on top so cancelled for now. Which sub platter are you interested in. When I enquired recently it ended up the only one really available was the reference with bearing etc so about £105 plus post. At some point I’ll probably bite the bullet and get that and the heaviest platter but that makes for around £260.
I’ve got Iceni feet which are great and arrived quickly. I though the sub was nice looking but expensive.
Like most Rega niche companies the products seem pretty good but can be hard to deal with as a business.

For now I’ve found that only using genuine Rega belts & polishing the plastic sub sorted wow & flutter and speed deviation to the point it’s inaudible.

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