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I bought a fitbit charge 2 off a friend a couple of months back and has really changed my way of thinking e.g walking to the shops instead of car but accuracy is never quite there without GPS even adjusting the stride pattern. I have joined the 1000 mile challenge this week and would like to upgrade to a GPS model for accurate mileage but not sure what to get as fitbit don't seem to do GPS models. I have iPhone 6s but looking to move back to android ( just waiting for the Samsung 11) so maybe an adroid version would be better.
Any suggestions appreciated , not bothered about Alexa etc , I listen to music when walking though searching for some wireless earphones as well looking at the Sonys MX£ models .


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I went from a Fitbit Charge 2 to a Garmin 245 Music.
Highly recommended the Garmin watches.

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