Fibaro Dimmer and Apple Home Kit


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Jun 6, 2012
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Do they work together?

I know I’ll need a hub such a hubitat/Homeseer etc.
That might be ok...

Its for kitchen/dining area (2 circuits of GU10s) so Id have to hide two modules. I have neutrals at the current double switch.

You can put these modules in the ceiling can’t you, where ceiling rose currently is. (Rather than behind the switch?)

Presume you still need a controller though?
If you don't need Homekit they do a Double which will switch two circuits off one module.
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Home Assistant is pretty good and is free. It will run on a Rpi and you would just need one of these
Amazon product ASIN B00YETCNOEIt is about as cheap a solution you will get for a Home Hub. That configuration would give you ZWave and Wifi control
As ive been evaluating and reviewing the Wifi modules from Shelly, it would only be fair to add them as another option because of the price if nothing else .

Though I have very little experience with HomeKit my understanding is that some of the Shelly modules can have Homekit firmware flashed onto them, though not the new dimmer 2 at present.


Alternatively you could get a hub/controller and use them in native Wifi Mode
I saw some of the discussions around the Shelly modules. I wasn't looking at them as didn't want a wifi solution (additional traffic/bandwidth/inability to use when wifi goes down). Having said that if I went with the Fibaro Single Switch option above (not the ZWave Dimmer2) then I'd be in the same boat.

I do appreciate I'm limited myself with HomeKit (didn't even use it for ages), but have become quite accustomed to switching things off from my watch, if someone didn't hit the switch, rather than voice command or an app on my phone.

Will give it some thought.
The HomeKit Bridge integration allows you to make your Home Assistant entities available in Apple HomeKit, so they can be controlled from Apple’s Home app and Siri.
Home Assistant and Homekit will integrate together

Just reading up on this.

So if running this then Apple Watch would send a command to the RPi running Home assistant which would send ZWave command do Dimmer2 Module?

But if Wifi goes down ZWave modules would still work at switch?
Yes. Switches behave as switches but are position agnostic. The Fibaro modules just see a change of state and switch on or off accordingly. That is one reason they have such a high WAF.
This probably needs it's own thread but I'll try extending this one rather than Spam the forum.

I'll have two circuits of outside lights in this scenario/problem. (Soffit lights over patio and then bulk head lighting down the side of the house).

There are also two exit doors - side and rear. I'd like to have switches at both doors that control both sets of lights.

I know I can do this with standard wiring with a 'strapper' cable between the two switches creating a 2 way switched light - one switch at each door. I was also going to look at adding Fibaro dimmer to allow the patio lights to be dimmed and also provide voice control/dusk till dawn possibilities etc.

@mushii Did I read you say you can make a fibaro dimmer at one switch control a module on another circuit that it isn't connected to? Or did I imagine that? If that is possible it would remove the need to run the 2 way wiring between the two switches.
Yes what you want to do is easy enough, I have 3 sets of outdoor lights on Fibaro modules, front, side and rear. I never touch a switch as they are on dawn till dusk controlled by Homeseer and Alexa. But they all have local switches.

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