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I've just replaced a dumb standard switch with a Fibaro Dimmer 2. It switches 2 LAP dimmable 9W LED bulbs in my living room using a 2-wire system (no neutral). The switch is part of a 2 way circuit ie there is 1 other switch but that is not in use and is left as is. Many years ago the switch was a double switch that could switch the 2 lights independently - I simply brought the wires together and stuck them in a single switch which works fine and also did previously when the bulbs were incandescent and the switch an X10 dimmer.

I added the Fibaro this morning. It powered up and I could detect it in Domoticz without issue. The LED bulbs flashed however, regardless of the state of the switch. I had also purchased a bypass so stuck this on one of the lights - this time nothing worked at all although the Fibaro was online. Thinking that maybe both bulbs required a bypass I removed one with the same results. To show I wasn't going mad I reverted to an incandescent bulb with and without bypass with the same results and then back to the two LEDs with no bypass - same results. It seemed that something had happened that prevented any power getting to the lights whatsoever. With little time to troubleshoot further I reverted back to the original switch only with no issues.

I'm fairly sure the wiring is correct and that it should work. I am not sure about:

1) Bypass placement (are 2 required?)
2) Fibaro settings - I can change in Domoticz
3) Fibaro auto detection - is it detecting everything correctly in the first place?
4) Bulb choice - do I need different (more compatible) bulbs?

Thanks for any advice. I knew this wouldn't be simple.
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1) Just one per circuit
2) I don't think anything needs changing (maybe the light switch type)
3) ...
4) I think these should be OK

With regards to (3), the Fibaro unit does an auto calibration when it first comes on. You may need to use the Fibaro settings to put it back into calibration mode (with the bypass in place).

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