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Hi all,

I'm in the final stages of home automation and looking for some cool ideas to make use of the many thousands of pounds that I've spent!

I'll have all lights, alarm, TV (sky etc), motion sensors, doorbird camera, nest, 2 x CCTV cameras, roller garage door and alexa up and running shortly. I have a 3 year old son which is one of the reasons that I wanted to automate a number of things. So far, some of my scene ideas below.

  • As my son goes to bed at 7:00pm/7:30pm, I plan to have all upstairs lights come on on at a very low level once he's in bed. The rest of the time they'll come on at normal brightness.
  • The kitchen will have ceiling and under cabinet lights (RGB), I plan to have a motion sensor in the kitchen as this is the room that I'm most likely to enter with my hands full.
  • As my son sometimes wakes in the night, I plan to have the kitchen lighting brightness impacted by time of day, i.e. after 11pm, all kitchen lights come on at a very low level.
  • I'd like the alarm to arm when Fibaro detects that both my wife and my iphones are no longer connected (i.e. we're out).
  • Same goes for lighting and heating, all tied to leaving the house.
  • I'd like the hallway lights to turn on automatically when the first person enters the house (assuming it's dark).
  • I'd like to figure out a way for the garage door to open automatically when I arrive home on my motorbike (but not when I arrive home in the car) - this will take some thought and may involve some kind of device attached to my bike (ideas welcome).
  • I'd like the lights to flash when the bell is rung (assuming it's not day time) and need to think of something cool for when it is day time (I don't plan on having a chime, that's too easy).
  • This is going to be new territory, I know that a few people have managed push notification and I'd like to figure this out so that I can start to use Alexa as extensively as possible.
  • I'd like alexa to announance 'You have a visitor' when the Doorbird is rung
  • I'd potentially like Alexa to announance when movement is detected in the backgarden (from the CCTV camera).
  • All of these things would have to be bound by time of day and detection of if anyone is home etc.
I'll have quite a few motion sensors and would welcome any more suggestions on ideas that you have for maximising Fibaro use.



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For the lights, a chap has written a scene 'Very Smart Lights' that does all you want. Check the thread on Fibaro forum.


The Alexa notifications bit is going to be near impossible as the echo doesn't support voice notifications.

You could hook up a RPI via Bluetooth to it and then announce it via the RPI, but then you lose a load of the echo a functional


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some good ideas there, how did you get on with them? I've recently installed a similar Fibaro setup at home.


some good ideas there, how did you get on with them? I've recently installed a similar Fibaro setup at home.

Hi Paul,

Mixed bag really. Got all of the light timings to work very well, including dimming brightness dependant upon time of day etc. All the motion sensors and auto shutoff etc.

Doorbird I really struggled with, I've been unable to even link it to my NVR which I had hoped would have been very straightforward. Also unable to link it to the lighting to make it flash when the bell is rung. I think this may be possible but I've not been able to do it.

Unable to link the garage door to fibaro also, I was told this was due to the door that I purchased being incompatible with the fibaro system, although I suspect it was a lack of knowledge on the installer side rather than an actual limitation.

Alexa, I made no progress, other than linking fibaro using a raspberry pi - so I can call on all of the normal fibaro scenes but have not figured out if it's possible to do voice push notification.

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