Couldn't find the exact post but since it's February now, anyone know who's on the cover of FHM? Anything hot in there this month?

Ben Franklin

It's that woman who used to be the copper in Hollyoaks, not sure of her name - its a Footballers Wives (the TV prog) special. Only good thing about the issue is the Pornstar supplement and Jenna Jameson poster.

Not a particularly good issue, and I'm starting to go off the mag; I may cancel my subsription if it doesn't start getting better.


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At least they've got rid of the 50 pages of adverts before you even hit the contents page. That used to **** me off a lot.

The fashion part has also grown, much to my annoyance, as I've never conceive of spending £400 on a bloody sweater. I'm not that much of a fashion victim! :D

Still like reading the reviews and the jokes, especially the ladie's confessions, always makes me laugh. Better than 'Loaded' or 'Maxim' by far IMO.

A good plus is that I never have to buy it as the missus loves reading it too, so she always rushes out to buy it before I even know it's out! :smashin:

Ben Franklin

Agreed, its better than Maxim and Loaded but its still pretty poor. The Ladies Confessions always seem to be 50% truth/50% crap - don't you think? Some of the stories seem so unlikely and are surely either made up by the mag or by girls with vivid imaginations. This months one was about a man going to a sperm bank and the girl there giving him a blowjob and spitting it into the jar for him. Sounds awesome and like a mans fantasy - and thats what makes me think they're often rubbish.

The magazine seems to be wallowing up its own arse sometimes, and I feel like it could do with a bit of a makeover. Especially with the new weekly mags out which I enjoyed far more than this months FHM. :p


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A whole load of paper wasting crap magazines, that have nothing at all to do with music so why are they here?

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