ffdshow + mce how?


i've got mce and just downloaded ffdshow. how do i get them to work together? i can teven watch a dvd at the moment. just want to use the resize and also hve audio via spdif

had it working in media portal on my xp machine but need a little (a lot) of guidendce with MCE


this is driving me nuts. cant get mce to do anything. it wont even play a dvd without anything else added to it (ie) no ffdshow etc.

what am i doing wrong?


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I may be reading a bit into what stage you are at

ffdshow is filter - MCE will still need a decoder to view video files or DVDs... PowerDVD, winDVD et al.

The Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility from the MS site should indicate if you have a supported one installed.

Not sure if that's of any help at all, but all that springs to mind.

I use ffdshow as part of the CCCP (combined community codec pack) download and all works well.


thanks englishteeth, that does help but i'm a little lost as to what i should be doing?

if i get cccp (used that before) i take it i just install it and thats that? how does mce know to use it?

on mce if i put a dvd in and use my remote to chose play dvd how does it use cccp or any of its components.

my setup at present is : clean install of XP MCE, drives for gfx and sound cards, thats all i've done. everything else is standard or not included.

i'm unsure what to do/install next


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lolz... firstly, try stay calm :)

ffdhow is collection codecs and filters, and as englishteeth said..... does not include an mce certified mpeg2 decoder. This was one of the major drawbacks of xpmce... decent decoders are third party and cost.. not much, but still cost. Its a hassle in countries that get mpeg2 TV(like here in oz), we cant watch telly until we install such a decoder!

Its apples and oranges as to whether to use nvidia's purevideo or cyberlinks powerdvd. If you have an nvidia chipset/GPU, I'd lean towards nvidias decoder, but that isnt a hard and fast rule :)

you can have a go at trials of both





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ffdshow will not play dvd's within media center without a bit of reg hacking and you will also need to turn UAC off or it will redirect your regedits.

This program should help you it changes the reg's for you you will also need the xp codec checker.


vmc builds it's own graph it doesn't use the directshow graph. I got rid of ffdshow because it upscales everything including the menu's which you then can't access i started using the cyberlink codec.

ffdshow will work for all the ither codecs in vmc

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