Few questions on the Toshiba 40XF355DB


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I have had a 40" Samsung "HD Ready" LCD for about a year and a half now and am looking to upgrade as i'd like to use full 1080p, 1920x1080 with my media PC (over HDMI, as mobo has integrated HDMI onboard) and 1080p over component with my Xbox360 (does 1080p work over component, or would i have to use HDMI?) and wanted to make sure the 40XF355DB would do all this.

I have heard some people say that retailers put 1080p on some TV's but they don't actually do the full 1920x1080, they scale it or something similar, so i just wanted to ensure that this TV will do the full resolution. I read somewhere else on here that somebody had it hooked up to their PC and it was only displaying 1280x1024?

Any help much appreciated...


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Theres a thresd at the top mate regarding this tv


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I found this one but it seemed to be for the 46" version and didn't mention anything about the questions i had.

I can copy'n'paste my question into that thread?


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I think i've sort of found my answer. The Tosh site says the DSUB PC input can do WXGA (1366x768) which is prob why the chap in the other thread couldn't get it any higher...i assume to be able to use the higher resolution (1920x1080) you need to use the HDMI input rather than the DSUB VGA one...

Can anyone confirm that?


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Just looking at the inputs diagram, where does the coaxial antenna for freeview signal go?!


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