Few questions from a psp newbie


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Recently bought a psp from ebay which I'm very pleased with;


and also just purchased a sandisk memory card;


To be honest I'm quite amazed at how powerful the psp is. Looking at the games they seem to be performing sometimes very close to that of a full ps2.

As you can see its an american spec psp. I've since flashed the firmware with dark alex's 3.10 oa. However I'm unsure how to set my psp to 333mhz, enable use of uk umds and get the playstation emulation working. What is a good forum site for this information?

Also my favourite ps1 games tend to be first person shooters anyone got experience of which of these work?

Also any recommended sites for info on getting games like frontier elite 2, quake, quake 2, duke nukem etc running for newbies?

Lastly what is the best free and quick software for converting movie files so they are compatible with my firmware on my psp?

I realise its a lot of questions but any info or links to info gratefully received. Thanks.


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Lo there and welcome to the psp :)
Right I will try my best here
To set psp to 333mhz on your dark alex firmware just boot psp up while holding down your r trigger button.
Playstation emulation is built in so you dont have to worry about that.I have only tried out quake 2 from your list which say once you have and unrared will be 2 files called eboot and keys.Put both these files into a folder and call it whatever you want (dont make the title of the folder name too long as it might say currupt)Now connect you psp to pc by going to usb connection on your psp and copy and paste your folder you have created to PSP then inside the GAME folder which all ps1 games go into.PSP movie creator v2.0 is great for converting movie files to play on psp.By the way quake 2 is very hard with the stupid controls.Not as good as i remember.Hope some of this might have helped

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Wow I did not know this. Does it go back to 222mhz every time you reboot or do you have to set it back manually.


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