Few portraits using new 50mm


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Ok Here goes First few attmempts with Nikon 50mm 1.8.

All using natural light, A little USM applied and cropped..

What dya think, any good?



2: Siblings


3:Have you finished yet Mum?


4: Not posing At all


Thanks For looking


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Hi ya

I caught these on Flikr and I think they are a great set. :thumbsup:

Background works really well for me, and the colours are great.

If I had to pick one would have to be number 3.

Cheers Holo:smashin::smashin:


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Thanks Holowlegs.. Im quite please with them myself.. I know they could be a lot better.. This 50mm take a little getting used to.. but il get there.


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nice set of pics, you seem to have done well with the lens. #4 seems particulary sharp

also like the background as it's dark and nothing distracting


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Some really nice pictures there, very natural (particularly #1!):thumbsup:

It's amazing how difficult it is to use a prime lens when you're used to a zoom! I've just uploaded a couple of 50mm shots I took a few weeks ago of my 7 month old monster to my Flickr page. Sorry to jump into your thread but these were the first time I've used the prime as well so thought they fit quite well!

1) Roar!

2) Poser



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Dont mind at all Weavie.. Hes a right lil poser isnt he.?. love the 2nd one- Really natural..

also like the background as it's dark and nothing distracting

Its A large piece of Black Velour Curtain material i picked up from a fabric shop out of the remnant basket.. its good and thick so light doesn't seep through..and its great for hiding a multitude of sins.


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Studio shots.nah- :rotfl: I wished

just pushed the sofa infront of the living room window to get all the natural light I could..chucked black cloth over it ..squeezed tripod into a corner in front of them and told kids to keep low so didn't get manky wallpaper in any of the shots behind em..and fired away..trying to make them laugh at the same time..


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Excellent photos wobble, the first shot of your boy looks just like the youngest one in Malcolm in the Middle tv programme:smashin:

Edit, oops sorry weaviemx meant to comment on yours as well, i really like the 2nd one best, you captured a great expression on your boy, thats probably going on the wall in a frame


Yes this is a great little lens...all I use mine for is portraits.
Lovely shots wobble your skills are improving all the time.I like #3 best.

Out of interest what F stop did you use for these?They are very sharp which is great.The 50mm has great Bokah below F4 and adds to some really creative portraits worth a try..although The clack backround probably woldnt work for that.

Like your two as well steve,A character by the looks of it.


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Thanks Vulkan , I tried..to be honest I didnt really take much notice..with the light being awkward I left it on P=pratabout mode! I found some of the images to be a little soft tho so most of them needed a little pping just to try and bring them out a little..I know I could have done better..



fed up= f4


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