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Hi guys.

First time I'm posting set of pics here, and I know they're not as good as others, but wanted some critique from others...

Anyway, went out for a walk in the woods at the weekend with the missus, and took the camera. Got a little camera shy though. Not used to taking pictures out in the public yet, so didn't get it out as much I wanted to... (oo-er).

These are the best of the pics I took (only took about double this number anyway :p).




Today, I decided to have a go with some macro shooting. Missus had some flower for her birthday last weekend, and they're now fully opened up, so thought that would make a good oppurtunity. My lense isn't really the best for macro (or I haven't fully learnt how to use it), but worth a go... Need to be at least a metre away to focus, so zooming in negates the distance really, lol... Plus, it's only a 1:2 macro. But I'm quite happy with the pics. Anyway, here goes:





No pp applied to any of the pics as yet. All uploaded straight from the jpeg, although I do have the raw to have a play with when I get the time (and I've learnt how to do the pp).

So if anyone has any ideas of what would be good to do pp wise, please let me know. And if any crops should be done... BTW, I have lightroom and ps cs4 to have a play with... (just not got around to reading the books on em yet).

Cheers guys :)
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good start mate - the main point I think tho is don't be shy - snap away wherever you want my friend!


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I like C and D the best. My only tip would be see if can get away with a greater Depth of Field on some of them to get the whole flower in focus.


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Thanks for the comments guys. Will have a go at doing that affect Garf when I get home tonight (started to have a go last night, but the batt died so decided to go bed instead :p).

Cheers for the tip johnaalex, I had only really focussed on the middle bit, as that was what I was trying to set as my subject, but will have a go tonight at getting whole picture in focus.

As for not being shy, will try to get over it :blush: hehe. I'm sure that when the little one's arrived and grown a little bit, I'll definately not need to worry about being shy, lol


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OK, had a play with the processing style that you mentioned Garf. What you reckon to the output?

Also change the whitebalance to auto from the raw file...


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