Fetch TV Launched - including HD downloadable content !!


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There seems to be a new Freeview PVR that also has downloadable content, including HD material. The service is subscription free, but there is a charge for downloads. I suppose it is a bit like BT Vision, except no subscription to BT for broadband, you can use whatever broadband provider you want.

Anyone tried it out yet ?? Box is available from the Fetch TV website, or BidUp TV auctioned them for £99.99 tonight. Sounds interesting. Not a high end product, but might be worth a punt !

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Memo to the Fetch website guy, please get another trailer to play because it's god awful and will drive people away:)

That aside pretty much a generic IP device which as with BTV totally relies on Freeview to deliver it's core content but unlike BTV makes no effort to actual spell out the PAY VOD content they can offer but I assume it's safe to say they will have access to the BBC, ITV, CH4 and Five IP services.

To put it simply this is a low investment idea which they hope to offload to a big player within a year or so for a huge profit:)
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