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these ferrite cores i have a few lying around are they worth using? on power leads .. they also got supplyed with the XE1 i have (were on both power leads uk and EU. and do they need tobe on both ends?

also i have 2 HDMI leads with them allready fitted to the leads i take it there for reducing interference..

another question are they a gimmick ? but i no there a good idea for ethernet leads for pc..

Amazon.com: FERRITE CORE 1/4" CORD NOISE SUPPRESSOR: Electronics



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There's no harm in putting them on and seeing what you think. Depends on the quality of your cable already.

They can add inductance to the cable which is not what you want but if you do have interference in your mains then the benefit will probably be worth it. I would say in some situations, while they are not a gimmick, they may not really be necessary, I think they are more necessary in analogue signals rather than digital ones becuase for digital signals there will be circuitry to 'clean up' the signal anyway (mainly schmitt triggers).

But try it out and see what you think yourself! :)

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Often best avoided with HDMI leads as they add weight and reduce flexibility at a point close to the connector where neither is an asset in most installations.

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