ferrite core



had 2 of these left over from my old philips plasma
just added them to the vga lead going from my js box to plasma at the panel end.
is it me just wishing or i think they cleaned up a bit of noise ?
do anyone one else have anyof these on there plasma or know if they work or where to put them for best results?


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I believe the norm for a 42" jobbie would be to have one ferrite core on leads near the input end of the cable.

On a 50" some manufcaturers suggest one at each end near the source and near the input end.

I would suggest that it would do no harm to add 2 to your cable at each end like a 50" solution. :)


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Ferrite cores are frequency dependant loads that you can put on signal and power lines. It's just to help for EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility (and also part of CE marking). Since it helps reduce eletrical noise on cables, this can then give you better pictures. But not in all cases. There's various mechanisms for interference to enter the system.

You can also double up on ferrite cores to double the improvement. And also pass the cable through multiple times if you have a large core.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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