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Hi all,

As well as upgrading my whole house with AV systems I've decided to keep my 360 Modena a little while longer as long as I upgrade the car somehow!!! I've done approx 20 odd thousand miles in it with the most [email protected] system you could think of but I haven't been too bothered due to it having a sports exhaust and no CATS!!!!

Anyway, time for an upgrade....I currently run a rubbish Becker HU (standard) with a Becker 6xCD changer and standard speakers. When I enquired about a system a little while back I was advised to go with the following......;

Diamond Components and Subs, possilby JL also
Genisis Ultra amp.....are these any good??
New Becker M Pro HU but may want an iPOD compatible system so Alpine CDA-9830R....are these good also??

This was last year BTW.

So what I was told is a set of 5" comps with 2 decent subs that will sit behind the rear seats in a box (custom fitted to match carpet or leather trim) and a good amp and HU....Obviously a good fitter also ;)

I also want a Sat Nav system and was gonna go the TomTom One route but may look a bit tacky..Becker do a Sat Nav/MP3 HU, does anyone have any info on this or experience???

If anyone can help that would be great.



Go with the Tom Tom, this is what i used in my 360... doesn't look tacky at all as it can sit very neatly on the front screen next to a radar detector if you have one.

I now have a Lambo Gallardo and i will admit it looks naff in that as a Lambo has such a huge windowscreen (the inbuilt Sat Nav in a Lambo can be a pain in the ass to programme, with a Tom Tom its just 6 taps of a postcode and your done), plus in a Lambo the cig lighter is in the back flipup glove box so even a radar detector can look naff as the lead has to stretch the full length of the cockpit lol.

As for stereo's and speakers... i thought the standard Ferrari one was ok, especially compared to standard Lambo, but dont have the stereo on that much as am in love with the sound of that V10!


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Thanks fella....I suppose the TomTom could be neatly fixed and slightly hidden near the wheel in the corner..I intend to fix wire it in the 360 and take it out when needed in the other car but use the cig lighter for that. My mate with a 360 is also getting one so may go this sat and see if we can get a deal for two of them.

BTW, we both need European maps so I know we need a memory upgrade but would we need to buy two maps? Can we buy one set of maps and download it to two TomTom's?

How do you find the Gallardo over the 360?? Do you go on Pistonheads??

The standard 360 audio setup is pretty poor. I wanted to stay with Becker though as IMO they look more professional and classier for a Ferrari over the fancy ones. I suppose Alpine units look OK though.



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ahem when the oooollllld becker is being binned, i can find a good bin fo rit :smashin:
Question (off topic) whats the 0-60 is it the same as the book on the 360? Been in a scooby sti and thinking about a 360 in the future (well thinking only for now) :)


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geez if this is the typical problem associated with owning supercars, maybe I should start dreaming of something else :)

does the sheer pleasure of ownership wear off so quickly, that the tactile and sensual pleasures associated with such machinery drops off this much ?

btw you may have guessed I am almost at the other end of the spectrum with a MK5 Golf c/w integrated Satnav
I must agree with you there Radioactive I'm in love with my Subaru had it 6 months and love the performance etc and thats not a supercar I thought the engine note alone would be enough :D

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