Ferguson W81201S info?


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Since my TV has finally died (scart lead has to be jammed in the back with a blank video to get a decent rgb picture out of it), i'm about to buy a new one and the front runner is this >


But i can't find any reviews/info anywhere :confused: I can't even find a website for Ferguson, anyone know if they're known as something else in Europe or something? Anyone got one of these and has somethign to say, or any info that might ease my mind that i'm making the right choice?


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Ahh.. thanx. At least there's a service menu, i can hack it to bits if the geometry is out, although from what i read, looks like a decent TV for 400 notes..


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Sure, no probs. I'd be interested (as would I'm sure others) to see how you get on with improving on the factory settings.

Good luck!



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I've had a Furguson badged 32 inch widescreen for 2 years now.
I bought it as a stopgap until I could afford Sony, Panasonic, Phillips etc. But I have found it better than I ever expected and don't feel the need to change to one of the big names that seem
to be plagued with one problem or another. I have only recently got into the service menu and apart from reducing the overscan a bit the factory setup was spot on.


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OK, got one of these today (after a bad decision involving Goodmans and a better looking set on Saturday - i'm learning from my mistakes, ok..) and it's not half bad. Picture's sharp, auto-widescreen switching is fine, RGB scart and s-video through av2/3, easy to set up and tweak (haven't got into the service menu yet, but i will, the lower half of the screen bows a little on the left hand side).

BUT (there's always one isn't there).. i think it only supports NTSC 3.58 (or 4.42, i don't know what's more common) because when i play any R1 stuff through my Pioneer DV-454, either set to NTSC or PAL.mod (PAL60 i presume), i get huge contrast smearing from left to right. Whenever there's something light on the far left, the whole lot of pixels to it's right are significantly darker. Tried playing it through s-video, but it seems this model now doesn't support it, even though it's listed..

Is this a 'feature' of the TV ('supporting' NTSC), or a fault itself? It's extremely distracting, and probably worthy of returning it (it's a fault isn't it? Any R0 NTSC stuff i buy would screw up too, so they can't moan at me for buying USA stuff and hence not intended for use.)

The funny thing is that NTSC stuff from my US GameCube and my PS2 cause the same problem. Is that a different type of NTSC being output?

Little help plz, i'd rather sort it sooner than later.


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OK, fiddled some more and R1 stuff does work through s-video, there's an option in the menus to enable it that wasn't on, and it gets rid of the contrast smearing, but it's a little soft and there's a bit of bleed in the colours. Is there anything i can do in the service menu to correct this, or is it a common occurance with s-video? On that note, can anyone point me to a list of what does what in the service menu? I haven't been in to fiddle yet, but i'd rather have some info on what to change when i do..

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