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I have a Ferguson FL26WX1 TV and recently buoght an XBox 360.

For those of you who are unaware, some 360 games need to be run at "Pal 60" (ie 60Hz Refresh Rate) - this is controlled via a setting on the x-box.

So, on the TV, there are 2 scart connections, which can be selected to RGB, Composite, or S-Video mode via the menu system, and a VGA input.

I orginally had the xbox connected via the supplied composite cable. When I tried to put it into 60hz, the screen went blank, and the xbox returned to its original setting. This suggest that the TV could not run at 60 HZ. So, I did some research and foudn that specs are just listed as 50Hz or 100Hz.

So, while fiddling around, I accidentally put the AV/Scart input I was using into "S-Video" mode. This allowed me to change to 60Hz mode on the xbox and run the games that need to be in 60Hz. So I'm starting to think that my screen is obviously capable of running at that refresh rate.

Today, I bought the xbox rgb cable which allows you to connect in rgb mode, hoping that this might work. However, it is still unable to run the 60Hz output.

Thinking that I might as well try it, I conencted my PC to the tv via the VGA input and was able to run it fine at 60 Hz (and all the way up to 85).

Is there something I'm missing, or is there no real reason why my screen should not be able to operate at 60 Hz?

Does this suggest that if I connect the XBOX via VGA, it should work correctly at 60 HZ?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!!
Any decent LCD should accept 50 and 60hz signals - I'd honestly consider it faulty if it didn't. Have Ferguson themselves confirmed that the TV is meant to be picky with what type of video its sent?

That said, 50hz over VGA is very, very uncommon, so I'd guess it would work through that connection.


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Any reason why you want to use the scart connection instead of VGA?

I thought the beauty of an Xbox 360 with an LCD TV is the hi-def gaming, but it only works via the VGA or component connections - not scart.

Do you know what pixel resolution your TV has? If you can set the VGA output on the Xbox to that or something similar, e.g. 1360x768 or 1280x720 then you should get a very detailed picture that will look much better than scart.

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