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Ferguson R121D DAB/FM radio tuning problem on DAB after mains power cut

Discussion in 'Music Streamers' started by Chris.R, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Chris.R

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    Jun 29, 2009
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    I have had a Ferguson (FRG R121D) DAB/FM mains-powered radio for a year or two now, with excellent reception - in our kitchen - on both FM and DAB radio.
    A month or so ago there was a mains cut for an hour or so at lunch-time- in fact, the voltage of the supply was cut to about 150VAC. I became aware of strange "thumping noises" coming through the radio speaker, even though it was off - in (DAB Radio4 stand-by mode). When full power was restored, the FM stations all returned OK, but the DAB stations did not. On doing a "Scan" the display showed the progress of the scan, picking up different radio stations for 20 seconds or so, but always sended with: "3C - not available". (This is still happening: it cannot pick up or tune into the programmed stations.)
    The accompanying manual does not help much. There is no "reset" button available that could restore the DAB circuit to any initial default factory conditions. I cannot believe the digital receiver circuit has been "fried" and damaged in some way by the power interruption, and suspect there is a simpler way of restoring these channels. I repeat the FM side is perfectly OK.
    The set was not cheap, and I am hoping someone on this forum may have a suggestion - other than discarding it and buying a new one!

    Thanks in anticipation.


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