fence sprayers


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these fence spraying kits which are about £25 from the usual brands - has anyone used them or should i stick to the brush


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I used the cuprinol battery model.
Sprayed my fence like lightning, made a lot of mess though so use sheets and masking. Extremely fast.


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It sprays the fence well, but it will also cover anything else, ground, you.

I would stick to the brush.


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they spray-guns certainly look fun on the adverts.
But realisticly, id stick with brush or roller.


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I've got the Cuprinol manual pump one and love it.

If you can remove the panels from the concrete posts then it'll be clean and tidy and take no time at all, just use thin coats and do 2-3 of them.
If you can't remove the panels use large masking because any bit of wind will send the varnish/paint everywhere (including you).
Still it is super quick: it took me longer to manually paint two panels than it did to use masking and spray 4 of them.


As you can see i need to paint my fence. I'll get one of those spray guns as i'm not to fussy about the mess.



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If you have seen the TV advert for the sprayer, the one with everyone laughing, you'll notice they are always doing solid fencing, I've got the traditional slats type and spent two hours this afternoon painting one 6 x 8 section and that was just one side, my Dad down it the first time around and was at it for a week!

Anyway, I am tempted by the sprayer but see it as a waste on the slat type fencing.



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I find that getting my wife to brush paint the fence whilst I have a glass or two works just fine :D

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