Fence Homegame 2007


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I was up in Anstruther over the weekend where the Fence Record Label had their annual Homegame festival.

I was up in there last December so know the place quite well, but this was a completely different experience. Plenty of intimate gigs being performed by some amazing musicians. Took about 2Gb of images and have only just managed to get through the first couple of hundred. I have made a specific set with them all in on my Flickr but, to be going on with here are some of the early ones.

As ever, each image is a directly clickable link to it's respective Flickr page where .exif and larger sizes can be had.

Ignore the first few in the set on Flickr .......... :beer: :beer: :beer: :laugh:

Framed Light

King Creosote

The Jose

Diamond Family Archive (superb!!)

Things In Herds

Door, Door, Window


Alasdair Roberts

Malcolm Middleton

Comments, as ever, more than welcome.


Some cracking shots as always Steve, really like #6 Door, Door, Window it just works really well and is pleasing to the eye and #9 Malcolm Middleton he certainly is in another world :thumbsup:


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Yep - the last one (Malcolm) is a cracker. Very atmospheric. The blue/white door/window shot is great too, a wider crop would be intriguing too.

Some of the other B&W ones (2,3 & 5) could do with a bit more contrast/mood IMHO - they are a tad grey.

Looks like a cracking trip though.


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They're all superb Steve, really sharp & lovely composition. Actually I really like the first as much as any :smashin:


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Thanks for the comments guys :smashin:

@ imcarm, I have walked past that house numerous times over the past while and always wanted to get a picture of it. I struggled a bit to get the white balance right though, and even this after being adjusted in RAW still seems a little blueish on the whites to me.

@ Tobers, I see what you say about the early ones looking a little grey. It's difficult to get the balance right on these as they were taken in quite light surroundings (unlike the latter ones) I might have another play with the RAW files.

@ Geoff, Thanks mate, I am well, but knackered......very heavy weekend, but well worth it. I hadn't heard of a lot of the bands either but there were some absolute crackers there. Really small label stuff and a lot of collaboration between different artists. I have boosted the CD collection somewhat!

All were taken with the 24-105 and all at f/4. Chuffed with the performance of the 350D at 1600 ISO. I deliberately underexposed a lot of the shots by at least 1 stop just so I could get a shutter fast enough not to get image blur, then I adjusted it back up in RAW :)

@ MStarkey, that one is one of my favorites too, just a bit of a moody image........can't remember taking it though :laugh:

@ Gordon, Great weekend indeed....Love that part of Scotland!

I'm going to trawl through a few more images tomorrow so I'll update the post then :)


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A few more..........

My minimalistic streak is still there, evern after mucho :beer:

Time in the Sky

Down The Tiny Steps

Down The Tiny Steps...again

Gummi Bako

Anstruther Daffodils

Discarded Batteries

The Great Park......brilliant!!

The Bicycle Thieves

Click the pictures for different images sizes and .exif :)

Lots more on my Flickr too.


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Well,if you like that kind of thing then make sure you listen to the stuff from Great Park and The Diamond Family Archive, both on Woodland Recordings Definitely the best at the festival as far as I am concerned. They both have myspace pages and Great Park have some downloadable songs here :smashin:

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