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Hi Guys

I currently have a Toshiba HD-E1 and am looking at upgrading to an XE1. However I have a rather trivial question regarding the feet on the unit. My problem is that like the E1 it will be sat on top of my amplifier, so as not to overheat the amp I like to keep the HD DVD player approx 10mm off the top of it. I found that the E1 had only 2-3mm of clearance due to the tiny foam pads so purchased some rubber feet to raise it :smashin: but it isn't ideal and looks a bit naff. Some of the pictures of the XE1 give the impression that it has big silver hifi component type feet but then other pictures look identical to the E1. Please can an owner of this unit confirm what the feet are like and what kind of clearance they would give my amp below. This will make a sad man very happy.
Thanks in advance.



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I wouldn't really recommend putting any other equipment on top of an amplifier - those babies give out a fair amount of heat. ;)


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