Feels Like Home - Norah Jones


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Sep 10, 2003
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Very good follow-up to her previous 'Grammie' winning effort.

Listened to it a few times after the last couple of days, and it really struck me. Unlike the first album, which grew on me over a few listens, this one had me spellbound from the first track.

Perfect gift for your missus on the 14th! :blush:

9/10 from me! :smashin:
Coz it's nice and romantic innit!
Yep, it's pretty good, just got it. By the way, Have you seen Runaway Jury? The lady who sings most of the soundtrack on that sounds very much like NJ. The highlight of the movie for me was the song as the credits rolled. Very smooth.
I'm not impressed. I don't think it is as good as the previous album and I don't particualrly like the direction she has gone in, not that she has progressed very far at all IMO. That's what I get for pre-ordering.
That's a shame mate. Maybe it will grow on you, It certainly has on me, although I can't stand the song "Creepin' In". Out-and-out country music is pure evil!
Oh and another thing, I just went to rip the CD to mpc, didn't notice it was copy protected before..... If it hadn't come from CD-WOW I would be returning it.

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