Question Feels like a bad time to buy a new TV!


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Thanks for the detailed reply Dodge.

1. So yes when I was referring to a “leap” I was wanting to compare the experience of watching a 1080HD picture on a 49-inch TV and sound bar, with a quality 4K movie stream or PS5 game on a UHD/HDR TV at 65-inch with 5.1 sound. A 65-inch TV and 5.1 set up obviously is an expensive purchase so would hope that is quite a leap in viewing experience. It’s a jump in screen size, picture and sound quality, so I would hope that justifies the outlay. That’s a interesting comparison on the 5.1 versus sound bar. Thanks for that.

2. So for PS5 and 4K movie streaming I wouldn’t have any special requirements of the sound set up?

3. I would be happy to stick with my PS4 for a bit, but would expect to upgrade within a couple of years. From what I’ve read I don’t know how important the HDMI 2.1 VRR will be. It seems as though the LGCX provides the best future proofing for gaming, but OLED’s seem poorer value once you hit the 65-inch screen size. So that’s a bit of a tricky one. I guess I’ll have to see what’s happening in March/April.


1. Its too much of a general question really, depends what you'll use with the TV. Most people will see a huge bump in quality with the picture if they are using high quality sources. If you are expecting everything to be better, you may be disappointed though. With sound it really depends on your setup, 5.1 itself is just the format, there are good and bad 5.1 setups, just the same as good and bad soundbars.

As long as your viewing high quality material such as streaming in UHD and HDR, or using 4k discs be them movies or games you'll be happy. With broadcast TV 4k Sky/Bt is going to be more impressive than only HD.

2. Not if you plan on using an AV Receiver. You may need a TV that supports eARC if you want to use a soundbar if the soundbar only has a single HDMI port (example; Sonos ARC).

3. Its an enhancement, not a must-have. The Playstation 5 doesn't even have VRR enabled, and may very well never have it enabled. Its promised, but without it being a feature yet and without any games using it its useless. In a few years time you may wish you had waited, or gone for a HDMI 2.1 TV for VRR but at the same time by then you'd have owned the TV for a while already. Depends on what the crystal ball says and how many games actually use it. Also depends if they can iron out the bugs with VRR. Many people are forced to not use it at the moment with their Xbox's because of problems.


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Thanks ddlooping! That sounds good.

Thanks Dodge.
1. I understand, that makes sense.

2. Ok thanks I’ll have a read about eARC.

3. That’s really useful info thanks.


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Well that took a while but I’ve finally received the Sony 49-inch XH95 TV and got around to setting it up. I haven’t played around with the picture settings so it’s as it is out of the box but I had promised a review.

The first thing I noticed was how much the menus and set up has changed since my ‘old’ 2016 TV. There is a lot more internet integration nowadays. (That makes me sound really old!)

I presume the demo that plays as a link into the initial set up is designed to show off the sets full capabilities. Having not seen 4K/HDR before it was certainly very impressive. I’ll be interested to see some full content here in the future.

I played Sky HD, an old DVD and a Blu-Ray. I can confirm that they all looked extremely watchable and the HD pictures were really good. I’m no expert on motion, picture quality etc but I’m very happy.

For anyone not able to fit the larger sizes into their living room, or watch mainly SD/HD I can certainly recommend this Sony and look forward to giving it a bit more of a test. Having had a 22-inch kitchen TV in the living room these last few weeks stepping back up to a 49-inch feels absolutely huge!

Thanks again to those that helped me with advice and for the buying guide posts on here.

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