Feel like you are buying blind?


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I’ve just ordered a Sony 32FQ80 after months of looking for a TV. Despite weeks of looking around and testing TVs I still feel like I have effectively spent a lot of money without really having a good idea what the picture quality will be like once I get it home. I take around my own DVD to test TVs with but this doesn’t really help me that much as 90% of my TV viewing is via analogue broadcasts.

Invariably retailers either have TVs set up with DVD players (partially useful) or a dodgy analogue aerial that is so weak as to make all the TVs look awful. Retailers seem happy enough to connect up DVD players to TVs but I have not come across any that have decent analogue aerials.

Other testing problems include not having easy access to TV remotes to change the settings and actually finding the model that you want on display somewhere – especially when you want to compare two models directly. (It’s much easier to find the Sony on display than the Toshiba for example.) Many of what I would regard as quality TV retailers where I would have hoped to get the best test viewings now only have plasmas and a very select range (e.g. Loewe) of CRTs.

Does anyone else feel the same?


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Totally agree with you.
These days I find a marked reluctance to " demonstrate " or " test ".
Mostly I meet an aggressive warranty pitch or total apathy, folks asking a few questions wishing to compare, seem to be written off as tyre kickers who'll be using mail order anyway.
It didn't use to be like this, perhaps CRTs aren't worth the bother so stores are cashing in with LCDs and Plasmas instead ?

Helps if a local store likes your face maybe...

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