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Feeder - mini gig review

Discussion in 'Music & Music Streaming Services' started by thamesider, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. thamesider


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    Saw Feeder last night at the NIA.

    They were brilliant, rocked the place.
    We managed to get on the front rail, and had a great night.
    Grant and Taka were on top form.
    Played all their hits and a few of their older less well known songs.

    Highlights -
    Buck Rogers
    Seven days in the sun
    Just a day - which we all started singing the intro to, as soon as he said "this is our last song" - made Grant laugh

    The sound for their set was great, much much better than it was for the two support acts, which were Kidsymphony and Aqualung.

    Only gripe was having Aqualung as the main support, they are not a bad group in their own right, but just to slow and melodic to have as the warm up act at a rock concert.
    Most of the audience were falling asleep towards the end of their set, but they did get a big cheer when he announced the last song:smoke: :rotfl:

    5 dates left on their European tour, check them out if you can:smashin:

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