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This is my first post :thumbsup: but I thought it may help others to give you my thoughts.

I always wanted plasma, but paying over £1000 always caused me to justify waiting until they came down still further. Then came the Tiny Plasma advert so I thought the time had come. I spent 3 months boring my wife to death going to demos, searching the web and reading various magazines.

My conclusion was that the Tiny was reasonable value for what it was :suicide: , but for my use it did not cut the mustard, as did not most of the other plasmas I saw. It came down either a PW6 or PW7 in the end. Some how I went from £1000 to £1800 (incl Quinto leads etc) without feeling to nervous to proceed.

I plumped for the PW7 42” standard resolution, wall mounted with the scart adapter. I purchased this through The service here was fantastic. The Plasma turned up the next day, the delivery guy inspected the screen with me to ensure I was 100% satisfied. The included wall mount was well made, with good welds, nylock nuts and was well finished. Mounting was a piece of cake. Even when I made rudimentary RTFM :blush: mistake on the setup of the Quintro box, AV-Sales had the answer in seconds after only three rings of the phone :thumbsup: .

The picture is fantastic. There is very occasionally some lip sync concerns if the aspect ratio is on Auto. This issue is completely resolved by overriding the selection with either wide screen or zoom. I sit 13 feet away from the screen and can say with hand on heart that there is nothing I can fault with the picture. Seeing the screen mounted on the wall with all the leads hidden in the wall cavity looks the business.

I am usually terrible at post purchase justification; however I am so pleased with AV-Sales and the screen that I know the extra £800 was well worth it.

I hope this is of some use to anyone who is on the border line of purchasing. I am so please I took the plunge now, DVDs will never be the same.

Finally a big thank you to every one who regularly contributes to this forum. All of your threads have been a great help to me.


I bought my PW6 from AV sales aswell last week,was sent to Spain,and arrived perfectly,can't use it for few weeks,but like you,was dead happy!.

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