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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by c1on, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Hi guys, just looking for some feedback on a system I am thinking about getting.

    Looking to connect my PC to a HiFi system, so far I have a BK Gemini Subwoofer which i am very fond of.

    For the Speakers I'm looking at the Q Acoustics 2010i, haven't seen anything that compares which is the same form factor. Open to suggestions.

    I don't have a terrible amount of room for a traditional Amp and DAC, so i'm leaning towards an Integrated Digital Amp. So far I've looked at the NAD D 3020, a bit pricey but seems like it would be a good investment. Other ones are the Nuforce DIA which is now discontinued but selling very cheap due to this.

    The other choice was the Marantz PM6005, this is the one I was very keen on however I just can't find the room. A shelf could be in order.

    So I'd use the SPDIF connection from my motherboard to the NAD D 3020, which would then split into the BK Gemini and Q Acoustics 2010i.

    Any ideas if I can get something similar to the NAD for a cheaper price. The Nuforce is under half the price but not sure how it would compare in sound quality.

    Recommendations are welcome :)

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