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Jan 6, 2002
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Hi all,

Is there anyone out there that has any fedback on the Aconda 40" (good or bad) or Loewe T.V.'s in general. Is the 40" a flat screen? Are they really worth the extra 'dosh'.

Thanks in advance
Surely you'd be better off with a 42" plasma? I don't know how much a 40" Loewe costs but I bet it isn't far off plasma prices these days! Worth considering anyway..


BTW the cheapest I can find is £2899 + £50 del from Empire or Robert Whyte. Yes, possibly a plasma is worth considering. I'll bear it in mind.

It is not a flat screen - it has quite a curve in it. I was thinking about getting one as well and the only place close to me which had one on display was Harrods so I popped along about 3 weeks ago and saw it. The picture quality wasn't as good as the 32" models (to be expected I suppose). The tv is also huge - why couldn't Loewe do a 36" flat-screen?

I would recommend a visit to Harrods to see all of the tvs. Best display I have seen anywhere. However, their prices all seem to be RRP.

I know you can get plasma screens at "reasonable" prices but for a purchase like that I would want to buy it from a reputable dealer (eg John Lewis) and we know they are unlikely to discount. I'm sticking with my 36" Sony for another 3 years and then assuming I am still in a job I will get a plasma. Anyway I'll have to get my living room re-wired so that there are no cables showing when the plasma is hanging on the wall where the Picasso used to be!
I was Thinking of buying that model a while back, what put me off was the style the curve is very very noticable

in fact it makes the TV look very old fashioned (retro Looking)

the sound and picture cannot be faulted and must say its has the easiest on screen menu,s I,ve ever come across
and on top of thatthe Pic in Picture has a whole rafter of fancy modes (great for Geeks)

Like others say this set is Humungus in size you will need 2 Hulk Hogan sized mates to Lift it

if the screen was Flatter than it is, I would of bought it.
but the styling just does not do it for me

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