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Fed Up


Established Member
now then....
why does my pee smell of sugar puffs when i havent eaten the dam things for mths :confused:

is my body storing up the sugar puffs for later release ?

is there a chemical inbalance in my body that is rejecting suger puffs ?

have i had an alien implant of some for foreign, alien based kinda sugar puff ?

whats the cure ?

stick a magic tree up my dangly bit and see if it smells better ?

or email sugar puffs direct and see what they recommend ?

oh life can be so confusing at times :confused:

:D :D

am i alone in this ?

has anyone else had this strange afliction ?

or is it confind to scotland ? :D

Deleted member 63670

for the life of me I cannot work out why you are smelling your own wee:rotfl:


Distinguished Member
Go to the doctor, it sounds like a build up of glucose in your body, if your family has a history of diabetes it might be worth going to get checked out just in case.


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It's one of those strange phenomenon that can't be answered.


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Isnt that just protein?


Distinguished Member
What does your number 2 taste like? I would recommend eating it and then you can figure out what illness you have besides psychosis..!
Reminds me of a day in work when after i had a lovely jug of Oxtail soup, i went for a wee and a colleague in the cubicle next to me said "That soup smells nice, i'm hungry now" :facepalm:


Distinguished Member
Isnt that just protein?

Could be a number of things, I'm guessing as sugar puffs are sweet / smell sweet, the OPs urine also does... protein can change smell and colour but I'm not sure it would smell "sweet" as such. Hard to tell, could be a number of reasons: dehydration, infection etc.

Deleted member 293381

Not drinking enough clear water.

Get some down you and flush out the kidneys. :thumbsup:

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