Favourite secret/hidden album tracks?


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Jan 21, 2004
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Just been listening to my new Damien Rice album (wow, what an album!) after a silence at the end of track 10 you are treated with not just one superb secret track, but two! and a couple of the best secret tracks I've heard so far!

You know the story well, get home, put the cd on, get to the last track and watch as the numbers continue to shift after the track fades. Then the anticipation, will it be a hidden gem......or a load of pointless noises.
So I'd be interested to find out other peoples favourite hidden tracks and from which albums?
Here are a couple other of my personal discovered gems:

Artist: T-Power
Album: Self evident truth of an intuitive mind

At the end of track 9, you get about 10 mins you get what's gotta be one of the weirdest tracks I've ever heard. After that comes the real treat, one of the finest examples of mellow/ambient drum&bass you're ever likely to hear, fantastic, a full 8 mins worth aswell.

Artist: G Love & Special Sauce
Album: Philadelphonic

After a bit of silence at the end of track 14, one damn fine track awaits, infact one of my favourite tracks of the album, although I love all of them:clap:

Anyways, know of some goodies? please post 'em!
Only track I can remember at the moment is Deeper Underground on Jamiroqui album

Great toptic by the way!
I hate hidden tracks :mad: Wish they would just give away some free gig tickets with the album, or even a recently used pick would do.

and it scares the sh*t out of me and the cat :eek:
"An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter" from Mansun's debut "Attack of the Grey Lantern"....."The lyrics aren't supposed to mean that much, They're just a vehicle for a lovely voice"

"Train in Vain (Stand by Me)" on the original London Calling...The Clash, naturally. A classic.

And "My White Noise" on Blur's "Think Tank" is worth the effort to find it.
Originally posted by CrispyXUK
Only track I can remember at the moment is Deeper Underground on Jamiroqui album

Ah, I don't have that album, but Jamiroquai's Travelling without Moving album also had a great secret track, well the original release did anyway. After listening to the official bonus track (the M Beat one) theres another great track waiting and a REAL bonus, something about "we goin to the function" yeah, I love that track!

Had forgotten about that one, thanks for the reminder:smashin:
There is a rather good Web Site here that lists many of them as well as a few other odds and ends that have been added to various albums.
Not sure if this counts, but the Japanese versions of alot of albums have 'bonus tracks' - check out the 2 bonus tracks on Radiohead - The Bends, and the bonus track on The Music - The Music is called 'Alone' and is arguably better than the other 10 tracks put together. The Japanese dont know how good they get it......
Originally posted by eviljohn2
Train in Vain isn't a hidden track though is it? They did release it after all!

It was a hidden track on the original version of the album.....
There's a great orchestral breaks track at no. -1 on Hybrids Morning SciFi album. Irritating to get to it though, have to rewind from 0:00 on track 1.
although not the best, or even hidden...but the WORSE ever "hidden" track has to be GnR - Use Your Illusion II - My world.

I say hidden/secret....as none of the other band members knew it was on the album, until some reporter told them Axl Rose had ir added just before production.
Originally posted by Whiting
And "My White Noise" on Blur's "Think Tank" is worth the effort to find it.

How can I extract this track to my HTPC? any ideas?
Originally posted by Whiting
It was a hidden track on the original version of the album.....
Fair enough, it's my favourite track on the album though!

What about the bonus track on "The Spaghetti Incident", it was written by Charlie Manson and I actually think it's quite good.
The last hidden track on Bjorks bootleg cd Fireworks.. unfortunaly its untitled and I cant seem to find out where it was recorded.. its very sparse and sung in Icelandic and is quite simply hauntingly beautiful.
There's a medley of beatbox'd skits at the end of "Make The Music 2000" by Rahzel. Best thing on that album by miiiiiiles.

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