Favourite News Channel

Favourite News Channel

  • News 24

    Votes: 18 60.0%
  • ITV News

    Votes: 2 6.7%
  • Sky News

    Votes: 10 33.3%

  • Total voters


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OK Which is your favourite News Channel


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Nothing personal, but why do so many of these polls seem to resemble the following:

Which is your most utterly favourite number out of all the numbers that there can possibly be?

A: 23

B: 1,872



having spent many bored gcse and a level hours watching sky news, i have gotten to quite enjoy it. I never have really watched news 24 and really have no need to.



I've only been able to watch news24 because that is the only one that I've been able to watch, since ITVdigital went under.

Since FREEVIEW has started I've watched a little of ITV and Sky and they're both quite good in their own way.


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Certainly not Sky with their DOGs!

News24 is fine - other than the dark studios.

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My favourite news PROGRAM would be Channel Four News at 7:00pm.

Favourite news channel would be BBC News 24. However, have you noticed how News 24 seem to never question anything any spokesperson has to say (of any political persuation). Its actually quite bland in that regard. At least Channel Four News allows the presenter to put an opposing point of view to whoever they are interviewing or allowing to state an opinion and not simply allow statements to go unchallenged.


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News 24 - and not just because it's the only anamorphic channel on Freeview ;)

The Nightfly

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The news and current affairs programs "Today" and "PM" on Radio 4 are also excellent.



Originally posted by Allan Probin
My favourite news PROGRAM would be Channel Four News at 7:00pm.
Another vote for C4 news.

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