Favourite movies/dvds of 2006.....


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What was your favourites of 2006;

I going to say Children of Men, as i was glued to the screen (no puns).

DVD; King Kong (Peter Jackson)



I was beginning to think that there wasn't going to be a DVD poll of 2006 nor a best retailer of 2006 on AV forums this year


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Enjoyed "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest", for quality sound and PQ.

The funniest DVD that I saw this year was in "An Evening With Kevin Smith 2" - perhaps best enjoyed in two parts, but a genuinely funny and revealing piece of work.

Favourite movie of the year? Difficult, but I'd have to plump for "Junebug". Highly recommended, very moving and with uniformly excellent performances.

Not exactly a film to trouble your home system, but certainly a film which will stay with you after viewing it.

Biggest time waster? Probably "The Da Vinci Code" - should have been a walk in the park for Ron Howard, but was so utterly lacking in every department. A snooze from beginning to end. I am at a loss how anybody managed to get themselves worked up about the religious content of this flick - so anodyne as to defy belief...


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Great thread, maybe start a poll after a couple pages?

For me, its probably The Prestige, Christian Bale amazes me with his acting skills in nearly every film.

Close second is probably Children of Men, wish Holllywood would make more like this.

Notable Mention - Pan's Labyrinth was really good too, though not really in fitting with my tastes, however good to see a film like this do so well though. The Departed, good movie, though after seeing Infernal Affairs a few years ago it didn't wow me like it did to few others.

Pending - Havent seen The Fountain (from the director of Pi and Requiem for a Dream), Flags of our Fathers, Letters From Iwo Jima and Babel

Biggest surprise - The new Bond was good, nice change up to the decaying franchise, though i'm yet to see the new Rocky which is becoming a bit of a surpise hit also.

Biggest Letdown - The Da Vinci Code, i enjoyed the book, but the film really didn't cut it,Fearless, was expecting so much from this film, but it just didn't deliver.


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I would say my 2 favourite dvd's so far this year are WALK THE LINE and CARS.
Two totally different types of movie but extremely well presented in their own way.
Picture and sound on both dvd's are exceptional!!


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Would also have to say Cars, not only because my son will cry if I don't - It was a really well made animation film, with a decent story (sic).


For me the 2006 film highlights have been:

United 93
Little Miss Sunshine
Children of Men
Casino Royale

but I must admit to being disappointed with the overal crop of films in 2006.
My favourites are... In this order..

1/ Fun With Dick And Jane
2/ Pirates Of The Carribean 2
3/ Cars
4/ Monster House


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but I must admit to being disappointed with the overal crop of films in 2006.

Totally agree, must say that 2006 was the worst year so for DVDs IMO with only King Kong standing out from a somewhat dire crowd :thumbsdow

Next year I get to start all over again with HD-DVDs :rolleyes:


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1) Pan's Labyrinth
2) Casino Royale
3) Pirates 2

(I know its random, but I'm doing research on 'Little Miss Sunshine' and found this! :D)


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Departed and lucky number slevin do it for me (joint top, cant split them)
Enjoyed Casino Royale
Havent seen Babel yet, got some good reviews.
Hadnt even heard of Pan's Labyrinth until I read this forum. Must be good as many have recommended it
Looking forward to the 3rd Bourne movie

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1) Little Miss Sunshine (very pleasantly surprised!)
2) Casino Royale
3) Children of Men
4) Blood Diamond

and as said previously, biggest disappointment: Superman Returns.

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