Favourite "Blur" Song


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Im currently in two minds between "Trimm Trabb" & "Battle" and was just wondering what your favourite was.

Ed Selley

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Song 2 on account of it being very short.

Not a Blur fan although oddly I rather liked the Gorillaz album.


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Favourites include :

Chemical World // Tracy Jacks // To The End // This Is A Low // Yuko And Hiro // No Distance Left To Run // Ambulance

Favourite ? The Universal...gorgeous.

Don't think I know Battle, Crispy. Suppose it's on "13" which is the only album I don't have.


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Probably 'Trouble In The Message Centre' or 'M.O.R'.

Two songs that IMO define 'Blue' to a tee :smashin:

Just remember to flagellate yourself everytime you think you'll give 'Think Tank' another try. :eek:


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I rather like Charmless Man myself - must remind me of someone!


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Big Blur fan, love the way they've changed their style virtually every album.

Hmmmm very much caught between "This is a Low", and "Out of Time" for fav Blur single.

Album wise though, think "13" is a masterpiece, definately my fav.


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yup I think "13" and "Think Tank" are their best


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has no one heard Battle or Trimm Trabb?

Mr Cat

theres some cracking stuff on '13' - not syre of the names now, but class...plus it sounds even better on my new NAD.... 8o)


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new nad? That must have been painful! :D


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Trimm Trabb definitely one of my faves.
Along with Sunday Sunday, This is a Low and Beetlebum......



The one that goes "There's no other way, there's no other way, ......."

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