Faulty Toshiba?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by fordster, Nov 29, 2004.

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    My Toshiba 26EL46P has developed a fault :(

    It's fine when watching TV but when viewing DVDs it seems to get confused with the picture format (PAL/NTSC).

    It's connected to my DVD player using RGB Scart into AV4. The DVD player is set to Auto for PAL/NTSC output and AV4 is set to Multi on the TV.
    To start with it was okay but just recently (I've only had it a month) it seems to mess up the picture (picture goes dark, doesn't line up, wavy lines, etc) when watchings discs. At first I thought it was only with region 1 discs but it's also done it on region 2.

    You could tell it was going to mess up when the DVD player was switched on as instead of a blue backgrounf it would be black. Usually, if I set the AV input manually to any setting other that Multi (e.g PAL or either NTSC setting) then it fixes the problem temporarily. However, it will then happen again later. Bizarrely it doesn't seem to matter which setting I choose (e.g. I can choose PAL with an NTSC disc!).

    Yesterday it actually went faulty part way through watching a disc. My missus was watching season 4 of Buffy on Region 1 and all was okay for about an hour and then it messed up.

    I've tried it with 2 different DVD players (a Denon 2800MkII and my old trusty Pioneer 535) and they both do it so I'm sure it's the TV.

    Has anybody else come across this? I know most of yo uwill use Component Video but I've not got round to buying new cables yet and now I'm not sure whether to or not as I may have the same problem on any input.

    All useful suggestions welcome. :lease:


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