faulty Sony KDL 46x4500, Sony not helping


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Sadly I'm no longer enjoying my at-first wonderful TV, which has for a few months now been making a very loud buzzing which comes from the top at the back of the panel.

At first it was just occasionally, and then only when the screen became very bright, and stopped when the scene was darker. I didn't think much of it at first, perhaps i thought i was hearing things as when i tried to listen for it it wasn't there, but when i played around a bit i found that it only started when the LED Dynamic Control was switched on, and disappeared when it was OFF. It became worse, louder and more often, causing any quiet scenes to be absolutely ruined by the now almost constant buzzing, so I called Sony, they sent their local authorised repair company round, the problem was displayed to them and they said they could hear it but in their opinion there was nothing wrong with it. It was my other half at home, and she just took their word, the tv stayed at home.

I was not taking this so made arrangements for the repair company to come out again. This time i was there and when they arrived they said the noise would be due to the CCFL tubes in the back - i was disgusted at this, because they didnt even come prepared enough to know what tv they were dealing with, and that there was a huge difference between this and a CCFL tv. They again said there was nothing wrong with it, but took it away, at my insistance.

Almost a month later it was returned, they had heard the noise which they deemed to be 3 times louder than the fan (ive NEVER heard the fan, only up close at the back) and they changed the transformer but Sony had told them to say there was nothing wrong with it.

Now, a couple of months later, the noise is back, worse than before, and it even buzzes when the LED Dynamic Control is OFF.

This is extremely frustrating, I saw on facebook Sony US cutsomers were able to email to [email protected] and have been gtting personal replies and their problems resolved from Sony.

Can anyone help with how to approach Sony UK? There are 14 months remaining on the warranty, and I feel they are breaking their contract.

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That is poor the x4500 are LED backlit (RGB even not just white) so have no CCFL bulbs in them.

I can not recommend enough going to the website of places like Which for things like this lots of good advice and form letters etc. The answer is complain complain complain and do it in writing (email and phone don't count legally or something so they can fob you off indefinitely that way) and don't accept the fob offs. The which website has excellent form letters for complaining about faulty goods and a loud buzzing should constitute a fault(obviously I haven't heard it though and a certain amount of noise would be deemed acceptable).

Who is the warranty with? how old is the TV?

Don't forget in addition to pursuing whoever is responsible for the warranty you can also pursue the retailer using the Sale of Goods Act though that tends to be a bit of an effort as most retaillers seem to claim never to have heard of it when problems occur but it can yield results for the determined thoug if it is under warranty you shouldn't need to. Worst case you could invest a few quid in getting an independent engineer to assess the TV and provide a report on what is wrong and then submit that to Sony saying it is faulty here's my independant report and if you don't fix it or replace the set you will see them in the small claims court.

You would be amazed how quick these things tend to get sorted out when the fix it or I see you in court letters turn up. The US tends to get much better support in part for just this reason, they are much more letigeous and will sue for anything and everything.


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hi andy

thanks for the helpful post. the tv was purchased new from Robert Whyte in Jan 2009, and has a 3 year guarantee, so only 14 months left of this. When I was initially making contact for the repair I called Robert Whyte and they said it was Sony who held the guarantee and had to deal with them directly.
i want to now write a formal letter of complaint to Sony and contact which? mag for further advice. I'm aware of the Sale of Goods Act covering all goods for 5 years as a friend of mine used to work for Samsung, so it's good to hear another voice of support in context.
thanks again, I'll post updates on progress, and if there's any further advice you can give it will be much appreciated.

just to let you know, the noise it's making can be heard from another room!
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The SOGA is much more complicated than just a blanket 5 year warranty unfortunately, it has a lot of terms and slightly waffly wording and various clauses that relate to 'faulty' goods which the owner may have to prove are inherent or were present at time of purchase which is often problematic, I got round it after having consulted which (if your a subscriber you can actually get legal advice for a year for soemthing like £30) by claiming not fit for purpose which removes the burden of proving a fault. It certainly doesn't provide a blanket equivalent of a warranty though but the liability can extend to as much as 6 or 7 years in some cases.

I actually went from being told I was stuffed and would have to buy a new TV and didn't have a warranty (long story I had a thread on it here ages ago, I was supposed to but there was no record of it on their system, thankfully I had a copy of a receipt saying I should have one) to having a warranty and a replacment TV that cost more than twice the cost of the one it was replacing after the see you in court letters went out.

Sony did indeed start self insuring or providing warranties for their TVs in some form as my current TV has warranty documents from Sony, the previous one was D&G.

The problem seems to be that Sony or whoever is responsible for the warranty is claiming the buzz does not constitute a fault. I would contact them again, demand they fix it or replace it, at the minimum they should assess it again as it has got worse, if they refuse get an independent engineers report stating the nature of the problem and fault if possible including what they think is wrong and needs fixing then insist again on a repair and demanding they additionaly refund you what you spent on the enginneer's report saying if they do not sort it you will see them in court.

Best of luck.

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